Bost University is accredited on [12/09/2015] – ID 16/683 by the Ministry of Higher Education of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The formation of the university completed in a time when investment of such scale was considered imprudent. The security and political situation was volatile at best. Despite this and numerous challenges, the founder of went ahead on a hunch fueled by the desire to act. It initially began as a private education institute and merited the title of University two years after its foundation was set. A feat rarely achieved by private education institutes.

As the province’s first Private University, Bost University places the utmost value on excellence in learning and teaching, and continually appraises and improves the educational programs for undergraduate and graduate students. BU graduation requirements and curricula are intended to involve students in courses in general education (arts and sciences), At BU there are definite procedures to identify learning results for all areas of study, programs to evaluate teaching, and processes to periodically appraise all academic programs.

Bost University is an exceptional comprehensive university providing associate, bachelor and [soon] master’s degrees to meet the needs of the province. BU graduates are broadly educated, capable and prepared for meaningful careers, graduate and professional schools, and civic engagement. The hallmark of the university is excellent teaching with extraordinary interactions between faculty and students. With a student body of over 1000 drawn predominantly from Helmand province, but also including students from other provinces. BU takes pride in its student-centered environment for learning and believes that quality education is founded upon close associations between faculty and students.

BU is distinguished by outstanding academic programs that recruit motivated students to work with faculty to create and share knowledge. Our students are engaged in learning both inside and outside the classroom. Academic studies are complemented by a range of extracurricular activities. BU campus has a large building that house abundant classrooms and laboratories, excellent student computing facilities, auditoriums, a spacious library.